Blood sugar control without the drugs

Our approach helps people lower blood sugar and lose weight, even while eliminating the need for medications, including insulin.

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Virta helps people reverse diabetes

Our peer-reviewed, published research demonstrates that type 2 diabetes reversal can happen fast—and results last.

Diabetes-Specific Medications Eliminated at One Year¹


HbA1c Reduction

HbA1c improvement occurred simultaneously with prescription elimination¹

ASCVD Risk Score

Blood pressure, triglycerides, and 20 other cardiovascular disease risk factors showed significant improvement²

Weight Loss

Average weight loss was more than 2x the threshold for what is considered clinically significant¹
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A new model for diabetes care

Virta’s innovations in technology and nutrition science are changing diabetes care delivery and empowering patients on their journey to success.

Continuous Remote Medical Care

A physician-led care team and coaches are fully virtual and provide care, even proactively, whenever and wherever patients need it. Our technology-enabled approach enables safe de-prescription of medications.

Individualized Nutrition Therapy

Virta practices carbohydrate restriction that is effective and sustainable. We align with first-line therapies recommended by the American Diabetes Association, and individualize treatment for each person.
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Dr. Jeff Stanley and Dr. Caroline Roberts, reviewing information on a clipboard
Jeff Stanley, MD and Caroline Roberts, MD

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What is Virta like? Our patients say it best.

Eliminating insulin. Walking a 5k. Losing 50 pounds. Our patients explain what is possible with Virta by their side.

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