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Diabetes affects your health every day. Your medical care should do the same.

People with diabetes make hourly decisions about their health, but only see a medical provider every few months. Virta's care model aligns with the realities of living with the disease to help people get healthy.

Here’s how we do it.

The Innovations of Diabetes Reversal

Continuous Remote MEDICAL Care

Safe medication removal enabled by technology

Powered by technology and data science, physicians and nurses provide expert medical care, when and where patients need it, via Virta’s custom-designed app medical records system.

Individualized Nutrition Therapy

Effective and sustainable carbohydrate restriction

Our approach, based on a first-line therapy endorsed by the American Diabetes Association, is tailored to each person and controls blood sugar without medications.

Virta is transforming how diabetes care is delivered

A laptop showing a video call between Wilma (Virta patient) and Dr. Jeff Stanley (Virta clinician)

We provide comprehensive resources and support so patients adopt our nutritional therapy

From enrollment to reversal to long-term health, we equip patients with the tools for success. Our dedicated care team and structured education in the Virta app make it easy for patients to understand how certain foods affect chronic high blood sugar.

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Every entry of symptoms and data goes straight to our clinicians

Patients use their Virta app to log biomarker data (e.g. blood sugar) and symptoms, which is then made available to our clinician team. Our patients don't wait for six months to get physician review of biomarkers like in the current standard of care.

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An iPhone on a blue background, showing chat communication between a Virta clinician and a Virta patient

Information is intelligently surfaced to enable on-time medical decisions, including medication deprescription

Virta’s treatment changes blood sugar naturally, requiring medication reductions for those taking them. Our technology surfaces these needs to our medical providers who can proactively contact patients to deprescribe medications.

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We personalize everything, from nutrition to behavioral advice to medical care, to make success last

Food preferences (vegan, mediterranean, fast food, etc), food access, religious beliefs, medication regimen, and more—we individualize and design for flexibility to ensure long-term health.

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Why Virta’s Nutrition Therapy Works

We address the root cause of type 2 diabetes

Nutrition can address insulin resistance, the root of chronic high blood sugar, without the need for medications. Nutritional guidelines, though, aren’t designed for people who require metabolic repair.

Our approach is designed for sustainability

We don’t require surgery or ask patients to feel hungry all the time. Our approach uses carbohydrate restriction, a powerful therapeutic tool for people with type 2 diabetes, that lowers blood sugar while allowing people to eat to satisfaction.

Virta nutritional therapy centers on you

Other approaches fail because they ignore the vast differences and needs from person to person. Virta’s science-based approach works because we account for tastes, lifestyle, food restrictions, and metabolic condition, and meet each person where they are.

What patients get on the Virta Treatment

Dedicated health coach

Daily support and answers to questions are just a message away

Continuous medical supervision

Physician-led care team facilitates safe deprescription of medications

Virta starter kit

Meters, strips, connected scale and more are fully covered for all patients

Patient community

A private, opt-in forum for discussion and support amongst peers

Educational resources

Specialized meal plans, videos, games, and more to account for all lifestyles

Expert care anywhere, anytime

Virta is 100% online—no waiting rooms, just on-demand care
Two iPhones showing the screens from the Virta app on a blue background

The world's best diabetes clinic in your pocket

Our medical providers and health coaches are available on a near real-time basis through an easy-to-use mobile application. Our advancements in technology and data science enable expert care and personalized care plans for all of our patients.

Our patients are redefining success

Lori, Virta patient
2 years on Virta
  • Reduced HbA1c by 1.3%, below the diabetes threshold
  • Lost 100 lbs.
  • Eliminated all diabetes and blood pressure medications
“My primary care doctor told me that I have the A1c of a teenager! I told her that I have so much energy, I feel like a teenager. I’ve also lost 100 pounds and my blood pressure is now in the healthy range. I felt like a weight was lifted from my shoulders when I disposed of all of my old prescriptions.”
Guy, Virta patient
1+ years on Virta
  • Saved over $3000/year by eliminating insulin
  • Lowered HbA1c by 3.6%
  • Lost nearly 50 lbs.
"The greatest thing that I found with the Virta treatment is the whole package. You have a team of professionals that are working with you, and they provide all the tools that you need to be successful."
Iseral, Virta patient
1.5 years on Virta
  • Reduced HbA1c by 1.8%, below the diabetes threshold
  • Lost 32 lbs.
  • Eliminated the need for insulin
"The Virta doctors and health coaches were there with me every step of the way. My coach is available, even when I just need to say, 'Hey, I’m struggling.'”
Nina, Virta patient
Over 3 years on Virta
  • Eliminated all insulin
  • Lost 70 lbs.
  • Resolved neuropathy in feet
"When I started Virta, my biggest concern was, how am I going to stick with the treatment and maintain what they’ve taught me? How can I do this for a lifetime? I’ve realized that if I’ve stayed with it for three years, I can stay with it forever. At this point, it’s just my lifestyle.”

Our patients improve more than type 2 diabetes. Our outcomes tell the full story.

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