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Pioneering diabetes reversal for 100 million people.

Just a few short years ago, type 2 diabetes reversal wasn't considered possible. Fast forward to today, and Virta's pioneering efforts have made it mainstream, while revolutionizing healthcare delivery in the process. Still, there's so much more to be done! If you're ready to redefine what's possible, transform our industry, and reinvent healthcare for good, we invite you to join our cause at Virta!

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Tech & Engineering

The Virta Revolution would not be possible without our one-of-a-kind app and our talented technical teams.

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"From an engineering standpoint, the challenges are crazy! I have something to look forward to every day."

Neha Shevade

Head of Engineering

Clinical Operations

A multi-faceted group that delivers hands-on, life-changing innovation while improving our ability to reach millions.

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"Seeing somebody's reaction when they can stop taking insulin, after they've been taking it for 10–20 years, it's just incredible!"

Tyler Anderson

Associate Pod Lead Health Coach

Our Company Culture

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Seven Virtan women smiling behind a Virta booth on a trade show.
Eight Virtans smiling at the camera on a sunny day in the middle of a trail, everyone is wearing hiking clothes.
Seventeen Virtans taking a selfie on the patio of a restaurant.
Six Virtans smiling during a company retreat, one of them is sitting on a chair, while everyone else is standing up.
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Our Benefits

  • Remote-first work environment with ability to work from home
  • Flexible work hours & time off policy
  • Virta pays 99% of all employee health insurance premiums, and 75% for all dependents
  • Up to 16 weeks paid parental leave
  • Enroll in the Virta treatment for free and give a discount to friends and family
  • Internet, home office, learning & development stipends
  • Employee Groups like Parents of Virta, Ladies of Virta, and Virtans for DEI
  • 401K and ROTH contribution opportunities

What People Are Saying About Us

There's a cliché about startups that are "changing the world" but at Virta Health, you have actual examples and data to see that the code you're working on is helping people.

Senior Software Engineer,
Glassdoor Review

Startup feel, rapid growth and opportunity, lots of gratitude and some extremely talented and hardworking mission-driven coworkers.

Operations Manager,
Glassdoor Review

Impactful work (changing patients' lives!), very smart and supportive coaching team that's growing with overall good support from the rest of clinical team, good culture and mission-driven, remote work with stipends, unlimited PTO.

Health Coach,
Glassdoor Review

This is a truly mission-driven company and profits really do fuel purpose here. I have seen first hand just how quickly and effectively the program can work... I absolutely love working here and can't wait to see what we accomplish!

Salesforce Developer,
Glassdoor Review

What we do here at Virta

A collage of photos of the Engineering team at Virta

Engineering & Data

  • Application & Infrastructure

    As a full-stack healthcare company, Virta builds a variety of products to support our patients, clinicians, commercial clients, and enrollment process
  • Data Science

    Virta’s treatment is powered by machine learning, providing real-time interventions and clinical guidance 
  • Product + Design

    Through beautiful design and ease of use, we can help patients be successful in their health journey
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A collage of photos of the Marketing team at Virta

Sales, Marketing, & Customer Success

  • Partnerships

    Sales teams focus on partnering with health plans, employers, and government entities
  • Growth

    Marketing teams here empower patients to regain their health and business leaders to provide better healthcare to their members
  • Lasting Relationships

    As the dedicated liaisons to our commercial partners, our Customer Success team focuses on successful launches and industry-wide relationships
A collage of photos of the Clinical team at Virta

Clinical & Operations

  • Patient Safety and Success

    Providing unparalleled care for our patients has been, and will remain our #1 priority
  • Coaching

    Our coach team provides hands on guidance and support during the patient journey. They are empowered by advanced technology and deep scientific and clinical expertise
  • Providers

    Our Provider team works cross-functionally to provide widespread impact across our diverse patient population while maintaining the highest level of clinical excellence 
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Our Virtan Values

These seven core values represent who we are and how we work
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People First

We take care of ourselves, our peers, and our patients equally.
Icon: An outstretched hand with a check mark next to it


We empower our employees to do work that matters, and give our people autonomy to do their best work.
Icon: Arrow stuck in the bullseye of a target


We focus on the important small steps to create the greatest positive impact. We prioritize impact over busy work.
Icon: high five

No Ego

We believe everyone has something to teach, and everyone has something to learn.
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Trust and empowerment are promoted through open access to information. We have integrity in everything we do.
Icon: Magnifying glass and document


We follow the evidence, and prioritize data and science over seniority and dogma.
Icon: Line chart going up and to the right

Risk Taking & Rapid Iteration

We test, learn and repeat quickly: a failed test is a chance to learn. Progress is never sacrificed for perfection.

Diversity at Virta

At Virta, we believe improving the diversity and inclusivity of our team is crucial to achieving our mission of reversing T2D in 100M. From helping us generate paradigm-shifting ideas to better understanding the needs of our diverse patient base, building an increasingly more diverse team can transform our business and our community. And, focusing on diversity and inclusion is the right thing to do and the way in which we aspire to grow and build our organization.

With this in mind, we have begun our D&I journey through supporting our passionate employee groups like Virtans for Diversity, Women of Virta, and Parents at Virta to deliver programs and events that help recruit, grow, and retain teammates from underrepresented and marginalized groups. We welcome teammates like you, who are excited to join in our journey and learn and grow with us.

Learn more about Diversity at Virta
Potluck dinner with member of VFD (Virtans for Diversity)

Our locations

Denver, CO

Our HQ is conveniently located in downtown Denver on a major transit line in the heart of the financial and commercial districts. The 16th St. Mall retail district, Coors Field, and many great restaurants are just blocks away.

The office space has large open desk seating and working areas for easy collaboration, and plenty of meeting spaces with views of the Front Range and downtown Denver. There's a fitness center in the building and our kitchen is stocked with snacks and drinks.

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San Francisco, CA

Sitting in the middle of downtown San Francisco, our office is just blocks from BART, MUNI & Ferry lines, and steps away from Embarcadero Waterfront, Salesforce Park, and many great restaurants.

The office space has large open seating and working areas for easy collaboration, and plenty of meeting spaces with views of the Bay Bridge. Our kitchen is stocked with snacks and drinks, and we have a bike room, showers, and a 2nd floor outdoor terrace.

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Open positions at Virta Health

Join our world-class team, with positions available across the country.

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Please be aware of fraudulent recruiting. Virta Health will only contact you from email addresses ending in ‘@virtahealth.com' and will never conduct interviews via Google Hangouts or Telegram. If you think you have been the victim of internet fraud you should report it to the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3).

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