Virta addresses the full spectrum of metabolic health needs of your population

The majority of US adults live with a chronic metabolic health condition.¹ Virta can help.

Virta has a treatment for everyone, wherever they are on the metabolic health spectrum.

Diabetes Reversal

Safely deprescribe diabetes medications and return blood sugar to subdiabetic levels.
For patients with type 2 diabetes, ready to reverse.

Diabetes Management

Monitor and control blood sugar, provide app-based educational content.
For type 2 patients not ready to reverse, and type 1.

Prediabetes Reversal

Return blood sugar to sub-prediabetic levels and deliver clinically significant weight loss.
For patients with prediabetes (A1c level of 5.7 to 6.4).

Obesity Treatment

Deliver clinically significant weight loss of 5–12% for patients struggling with obesity.
For patients with BMI > 30.

Virta’s provider-led treatments deliver unmatched outcomes.


A1c reduction at 1 year²

Clinical trial data

Rx elimination at 1 year²

Clinical trial data

Projected cost savings per patient at 2 years³

30 lbs

Avg Weight Loss at 2 years


Estimated cost savings per patient at 2 years


Patients avoided progression to T2D over 2 years


Cost savings per patient at 2 years

Joe Toniolo, Senior Director of Health & Welfare Plans at US Foods
"Virta consistently delivers industry-leading health and economic outcomes, and its virtual care model fits perfectly with the needs of our associates”
Joe Toniolo
Senior Director, Health & Welfare Plans
US Foods

You’re not alone on your journey toward better metabolic health. Meet our patients.

Kim, Virta patient

Kim lost 75 pounds and has kept it off for 3 years

“...this is the first time ever in my life that my stomach has communicated with my brain to say, "Stop, I'm full."
Watch Kim's story
Kevin, Virta patient

Kevin got off insulin and saved $500/month

“I run around with my kids a lot more than I did six months ago. I feel like I’m 15 years younger.”
Watch Kevin's story

Donnie reduced his medications in a matter of weeks

“Where I used to take 3 different types of insulin every day for a total of 110 units, I am now down to just 3 units of Basaglar.”
Read Donnie's story

200+ customers trust Virta to deliver life-changing results.

Interested in learning more about how Virta can make a difference for your population?

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