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Free yourself from the burdens of type 2 diabetes.

Managing diabetes can be frustrating and defeating. Virta provides the life-changing opportunity for diabetes reversal—normal blood sugar, no diabetes medications, and good health.

After 1 year, patients in Virta’s clinical trial eliminated 63% of diabetes-specific medications, and 94% of patients on insulin eliminated or reduced usage.¹
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Virta is a different kind of diabetes treatment

Most diabetes treatments focus on the symptom of high blood sugar. Virta focuses on the root cause to help restore your metabolic health.

No calorie restriction or counting

We change what you eat, not how much you eat. Starving, fasting or expensive shakes are not required.

Less diabetes medication

Our nutrition therapy normalizes blood sugar, which reduces your need for medication. Then our medical team deprescribes medications, saving you money and eliminating side effects.

No exercise required

We fully support those who want to exercise, but it is not required to achieve diabetes reversal.

Safer than surgery

Bariatric surgery can also reverse diabetes, but is very invasive, dangerous, and expensive. Virta does not use surgery to reverse diabetes.

If you have type 2 diabetes, you are carbohydrate intolerant

Relying on carbohydrates for energy spikes your blood sugar

Everyone has to eat, but not everyone can safely rely on carbohydrates as their main fuel source. Carbohydrates break down into sugar, so your blood sugar is elevated because you are eating more carbohydrates than your body can tolerate.

Relying on fat for energy smoothes your blood sugar

Virta helps you adapt to using fat as your main fuel source, instead of using carbohydrates. This reduces your blood sugar and allows you to control it naturally, without needing medication.

Thousands of patients have already reversed their type 2 diabetes

Don't just take it from us. Learn about the life-changing benefits of diabetes reversal from real Virta patients.

Energy for an active lifestyle

Jay, Virta patient

Jay has the energy he needs to keep up with his kids

“I am now able to ride bikes with my young kids and take on other physical activities with energy to spare. For me, it’s all about the energy. I am living life as I want. I am able to be out, active and available to family and friends. I now have enough energy to be active in my kids’ lives.”
Jay, 52, Minnesota

Real-world results, backed by research

Our approach is backed by the groundbreaking results of our 5-year clinical trial, and has been proven time and time again among thousands more patients.

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Medication Reduction

Diabetes-specific medications eliminated across population at one year

HbA1c Reduction

HbA1c improvement at one year, which occurred simultaneously with prescription elimination

Weight Loss

Average weight loss at one year—more than 2x the threshold 
for what is considered clinically significant
1. Hallberg SJ, McKenzie AL, Williams P, et al. Effectiveness and Safety of a Novel Care Model for the Management of Type 2 Diabetes at One Year: An Open Label, Non-Randomized, Controlled Study. Diabetes Ther. 2018. DOI: 10.1007/s13300-018-0373-9
Results may vary based on your clinical profile and adherence to the Virta treatment.

Get comprehensive, expert diabetes care from our all-inclusive online medical clinic

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Dedicated health coach

Answers to your questions and daily support is just a message away.
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Continuous medical supervision

Physician-led care team keeps you safe and coordinates with your PCP.
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All the supplies you need

Diabetes testing supplies and more are fully covered and shipped directly to you.
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Private patient community

Connect with patients for support and advice in our opt-in, moderated community.
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Exclusive resources

Meal plans for any preference, intolerance, or allergy, as well as videos and games to make learning fun.
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Get care anywhere, anytime

Our clinic is 100% online—no waiting rooms, just on-demand care.

See what you can achieve on Virta

Predict your weight loss, A1c decrease, and medication reductions using our free calculator.
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How much does it cost?

Virta is available without a referral. This out-of-pocket treatment is all-inclusive, meaning that the price covers all medical care and supplies with no add-on fees.
Some employers and health plans offer Virta as a fully covered benefit to their members. Start the enrollment process to learn more.
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when out-of-pocket

Plus a one-time $250 initiation fee.

What's life like on Virta?


  • Submit an application

    Supply your basic health, contact, and insurance information, similar to new patient forms at any healthcare clinic.
  • Meet your Virta enrollment advisor

    Our team is here to you answer your questions and provide expert and easy on-boarding to the Virta treatment.
  • Complete medical screening

    We individualize our treatment for everyone. Your medical history and lab results help us design a plan that works for you.
  • Meet your Virta medical provider

    Our licensed physicians and nurse practitioners will discuss your personalized treatment plan and answer any questions you have.
  • Get started

    Upon enrollment completion and confirmation of payment or coverage, you're on your way to diabetes reversal!
Dr. Caroline Roberts, wearing a headset and talking to a patient on a video call

Reversing Diabetes

  • Meet Your Virta Health Coach

    Your coach will take the time to really get to know you and understand your goals, and then provide the support you need to succeed!
  • Learn the basics

    A structured educational sequence of videos, games, and guides will teach you how change your diet to enter nutritional ketosis.
  • Begin nutrition changes

    Once you feel comfortable with how and why to change your diet, you will agree on a start date with your coach and then dive into your new lifestyle.
  • Reduce medications and blood sugar

    Your clinical team will closely monitor your biomarkers, and reduce your medications as your blood sugar normalizes.
  • Transform your health

    With lower blood sugar and weight, with little or no need for diabetes medications, many patients report feeling the best they've ever felt. That's our goal for you, too.
Virta patient holding an iPhone showing the Virta app, with a blood pressure device in the background

Maintaining Reversal

  • Determine your long-term goals

    Your Virta coach will help you build a long-term plan to maintain your good health. You can discuss new goals like sleep, weight-loss, stress-reduction, desired exercise, and more.
  • Engage with the patient community

    The patient community is available to you from day 1. Many patients find it extra rewarding to share their knowledge with new patients, and some even choose to become Virta Ambassadors to educate others on diabetes reversal.
  • Try new foods and experiment with recipes

    Whether you experiment in your own kitchen or travel the world to sample different cuisines, many Virta patients enjoy exploring the world of low-carb options with guidance from their coach.
  • Lead an energized, active lifestyle

    Stable blood sugar, a new source of energy, and less weight to carry around means that you can now play with the kids or grandkids, try that hike or bike ride, and travel to the places on your bucket list.
  • Live your life, free from diabetes

    Good health means that you can live your life the way you want. No more expensive medications, debilitating side-effects, depressing appointments, or sitting on the sidelines of life. You are back in the game!
Kevin, Virta patient, holding up a large pair of pants that no longer fit him

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