Matt Harmon

VP of Benefits, Compensation, and HR Systems, AutoZone

Industry-leading Outcomes

In both commercial and peer-reviewed clinical settings, patients quickly improve health and make it last. The results? Reduced medical costs, less dependence on prescription medications, and drastic improvements in other areas of cardiometabolic health.

Rx Cost Savings

Average Rx cost savings per member per year,
for patients on branded medications¹

Reduction in Diabetes Rx

Reduction in diabetes-specific prescription volume after one year²

Patient Retention

Retention rate after one year²

Daily Patient Interactions

Average patient interactions with health coach per day, 100x more than other solutions¹

Employer Case Studies

Virta patients quickly improve health and make it last. The results? Reduced medical costs, less dependence on prescription medications, and drastic improvements in health beyond type 2 diabetes.
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Elimination of diabetes Rx

Elimination of diabetes-specific prescriptions in the population

Savings on high-cost patients

Total annual savings for high-cost patients based on US Foods claims data
28 lbs

Weight loss

More than 2x the threshold for what is considered clinically significant

Reduction in insulin

Total insulin prescriptions eliminated across the population

Savings on diabetes-specific Rx

Average savings per patient on elimination of diabetes-specific prescriptions

HbA1c improvement

Percent of patients achieving sub-diabetic A1c after one year

Elimination of diabetes Rx

Elimination of diabetes-specific prescriptions across the population

Savings on diabetes-specific Rx

Total annual cost savings on diabetes Rx, per patient per year, based on claims data

Diabetes reversal

Percent of patients achieving HbA1c below the diabetes threshold without requiring diabetes Rx

The Reversal Advantage

Unlike traditional care or even next generation diabetes management—each of which typically focus on medication adherence—diabetes reversal focuses on safe elimination of prescriptions through a medically-supervised nutrition therapy.

Usual Care / DRUG THERAPY²
Tech-enabled Management³
Virta Health²
HbA1c Change +0.2% -0.6% -1.3%
Medication Change +7% +3% -59%
Weight Loss 0 lbs -1 lbs -31 lbs

Pay for results, not promises

Virta only gets paid if we are successful in delivering real health improvement—the way all payment should work in healthcare.

100% fees at risk for:

  • A1c Improvements
  • Weight Loss
  • Prescription Reductions

We don't charge for:

  • Implementation
  • Non-participants
  • Engagement
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Joe Toniolo, Senior Director of Health & Welfare Plans at US Foods
“Before Virta, employers didn’t have an effective solution for employees with type 2 diabetes. Virta allows employers to provide a life-changing, clinically proven diabetes reversal program.”
Joe Toniolo
Senior Director, Health & Welfare Plans, US Foods
Milt Ezzard, VP of Global Benefits, Activision Blizzard
"Virta’s approach to chronic diseases like type 2 diabetes is helping our employees reduce dependency on prescription medications, lose weight, and return to activities they haven’t done in years."
Milt Ezzard
Vice President of Global Benefits, Activision Blizzard
Dr. Setu Vora, Chief Medical Officer of the Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation
"Virta Health is helping members of our community regain their health and eliminate expensive medications like insulin. The positive feedback I receive is overwhelming."
Dr. Setu Vora
Chief Medical Officer of the Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation
Shirley, Virta patient
"Virta has been life-changing for me, and for our employees who have also enrolled. The dramatic improvements in weight, A1c, and medication use, not to mention the savings we are seeing, have been remarkable."
Shirley Mennen
HR Director, Tippecanoe County

We partner with

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Case Studies

US Foods logo in the foreground; Virta patient in the background

US Foods

US Foods, a leading food distributor with more than 25,000 employees, shares its 6-month outcomes, including how nearly half of its participants reversed their type 2 diabetes.

Read US Foods case study (PDF)

Tippecanoe County

Tippecanoe County, located in the west-central portion of Indiana, covers nearly 1,200 employees and their dependents. Learn how Virta eliminated 70% of diabetes prescription drugs after just 6 months.

Read Tippecanoe County case study (PDF)


Nielsen, a data and measurement firm with over 4,400 employees, presents Virta's 1-year outcomes, including cutting insulin utilization by 50%.

Read Nielsen case study (PDF)


U-Haul Team Members Enrolled with Virta Health Eliminate Over One-Third of Diabetes Medications in Just 90 Days

Through Virta’s treatment, one U-Haul Team Member lowered his blood sugar to prediabetes levels, reduced his daily insulin dosage by over 85%, and lost 30 pounds.

Read about our U-Haul partnership
Virta logo in the foreground; grid of Virta patients in the background

Sustainability of Type 2 Diabetes Reversal: White Paper

The Virta Treatment delivers results that endure. Our patients experience clinically significant health improvements that last for two years—and counting.

Read about Virta's sustainability (PDF)
Virta logo in the foreground; Lori (Virta patient) in the background

1 Year Commercial Outcomes: White Paper

By 100 days, patients on average lost 19 lbs and eliminated 67% of diabetes-specific medication prescriptions. By one year, 90% of patients continued with Virta, with continued medication reductions and cost savings.

Read about Virta's 1-year outcomes (PDF)

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