Can I be vegetarian and follow a ketogenic diet?

We have a full guide to low carb for vegans and vegetarians here.

You can absolutely be vegetarian and follow a low carb lifestyle! While 10–20% of your daily energy need should be coming from protein, you can meet this need by consuming high protein, vegetarian and keto friendly foods. The table below lists some common high protein, low carbohydrate vegetarian options that are also great sources of fat:

‍You can also add in some plant-based protein sources such as nuts and seeds, tempeh, tofu, and products like Beyond Meat to increase the variety of protein sources. You may also want to include a multivitamin and a vegetarian omega-3 supplement (such as flaxseed oil or algal DHA such as ‘Neuromins’) to ensure you are meeting all of your nutrient needs!

Dr. Stephen Phinney on plant-based low carb protein sources